The Dyna is designed and manufactured in accordance with total insight into the physical distribution process and Toyota unique production methods. Solid, dependable performance and a superior level of durability make Dyna efficient for carrying heavy loads and driving in severe conditions. All Dyna variations are powered by high-performance engine that combines low fuel and high power output. For the driver, dependability and comfort, for the owner, a high level of business efficiency and economy.


Dyna Safety is approached in the same manner as automobile safety, wherein active safety and passive safety play equal important roles.

Toyota’s relentless pursuit of safety is evidenced by the use of many advanced technologies all of which contribute to the comfort and peace of mind of both owner and driver.

The Dyna also offers a stress-free driving environment, a place that helps the driver from tiring easily. The Dyna high level of basic performance, such as driving, turning and stopping from the onset help Dyna drivers to avoid unnecessary safety problems.


A host of thoughtful measures contribute to easy engine access. For example, when the cab is tilted, the shift level lifts away with the cab. This is made possible by a wired shift control system. A soundproofing apron is positioned on the frame side. The cab tilt mechanism also ensures direct access to the engine when inspection and maintenance are required.

Relays and fuses are located in the fuse box under the glove box to simplify inspection and replacement.

Features & Specifications